The importance of Agro shade in horticulture

Crops grown indoors do not face too many problems than the ones grown outside because they are protected from insect infestation, wind and other things that can cause damages. But when planted outdoor, they tend to face lots of attacks caused by birds, insect, wind, as well as the effect of weather. A lot of growers face challenges of birds eating away their produce. And apart from birds, insects and pests can also reduce the quality of the fruit as well as the yield. The use of Agro shade cloth has become very relevant in today’s farming practice to increase yields as well as profit. Since the main aim of every grower is to increase profit, prevention of insect and pest infestation is very necessary.

The use of Shade net is gaining popularity because of the benefits it offers. The net helps to control sunlight and temperature which are very necessary for plants to grow and produce well. The shade fabric helps to reduce the quantity of light that plants receive without affecting the quality of the light spectrum. However, this ability to control temperature makes plants to grow rapidly under this shade. In fact, plants also receive enough sunlight for photosynthesis even though an Agro shade cloth is used. It also makes seasonal and off-seasonal cultivation possible. The net protects young and tender plants from destructive wind. It acts as a windbreaker which is one of the reasons why it is considered as a good option for raising nurseries of vegetables and fruits.

agro shade
Acquiring the shade mesh brings benefits one of them is to protect the crops of the birds.

Agro shade cloth is suitable for cultivating different plants such as foliage plants, flower plants, spices and aromatic plants because IT are very effective. It helps to protect crops from weather disturbances like hail, rain, frost, and snow.

One of the main factors to consider before installing an Agro shade cloth is the sunlight and shade requirements of the plant you wish to cultivate. The reason is because each plant has its own requirement for shade and sunlight which allows it to flourish best. In order to create the most suitable climatic condition for plants, the right percentage of shade factor should also be selected due to its effect on plant’s productivity.

Shade netting is available in different colors such as black, white and blue, yellow, green and a combination of two colors. It is also used in the greenhouse, horticulture, and floriculture.

shade fabric
In the market you can find the shadow mesh in different colors and sizes you can even find mesh shades of two or more colors combined.

How to install Agro shade cloth

The first thing-

get all materials and tools ready. To install an Agro shade, you would need the following:


Knife or scissors

Shade net


Fix strip

Steps to follow:

1. Place the fix strips at the top of the shade frame and nail them. The fixing strip will help you to hold the shade net in place and make it firmer. However, you can use butt joins to ensure that the fix strips flushes well. Continue this process around the frame till it’s perfect.

2. Ensure that the end strips is cut to size

3. Now it’s time to spread the shade net over the frame. At this point, roll the shade net out and place two ladders at one end. Then stretch the shade fabric over the first end and ensure that it sits evenly at the end with just some excess on both sides.

shade net
The tools and materials must be ready before installing the agro shade.

4. Stretch the cloth over the frame properly and hammer them down. Make sure it is properly stretched sideways before hammering

5. You can go round the frame and check if the shade net is well placed. Pull it towards you and remember to also lift the net and bring it forward. The main reason for doing so is to create tension at the back and also keep the fabric nice and tight.

6. The edges of the shade cloth should be well trimmed. Trim it to the edges of the beams and make sure they are not seen from the ground. Do the same for all the edges and do not let the cut be too close to the nails.

Greenhouse with shadow mesh
Be sure to stretch and tighten the agro shade well so you do not have any problems.